The Glass Magnetic Whiteboard

The magnetic glass whiteboards are the modern and stylish boards. Back in the days everywhere, people had chalk blackboards. You would find them in schools, offices, hotels for menu, on the streets for different signs and literally anywhere they could fit in.  With the advancement in every other thing surrounding us the boards also got advanced and the latest is that we have is quite helpful and safe to use anywhere as well. These modern versions are quite fitting to today’s ways of usage.  

Multipurpose usage: 

These glass magnetic whiteboard are made with a multipurpose usage hence, these boards are also the home office bulletin board. That means you can also stick all the important stuff on it. The documents, bills, invitation cards, business cards and whatnot, but, with safety, Yes, the oldstyle cork board required the thumb pins to be used and those are dangerous especially with kids around your house.  For these whiteboards, you have to use magnets to stick the paper.   


These glass magnetic whiteboards are also quite durable. They are made with the heavyduty glass. That glass is at least ten times stronger than the regular glass. So, if you are scared that it might break and your children are not safe. It is very strong and sturdy. They are long-lasting. As compared to the other boards these boards are longlasting and they are super easy to keep clean due to the slippery surface and hence, there will be no stains on the surface either. Remove every bit of the note and marker stains and you will see that there are no scratches or stains on the surface.  

Modern chic and stylish aesthetic:     

The way this board is made is very classy and top-notch. It gives the whole room a modern stylish look. It does not give a look that is unpleasing and ruining the look of the room. So, having them in your house or office will not interfere with the decoration you have done but, it will add to the beauty and make your place look luxurious.  

Custom made: 

You can have this board custom made specially according to your needs and requirements. Although you can find pre-made sizes as well, if you want to go slightly smaller or bigger you can order it you have that perfect glass magnetic whiteboard at your doorstep. Actually, it is even better to customize it because it will be according to your space. You certainly do not want to go too small or too big. So, get it customized instead of just buying.   glass-board