Top 3 Most Recommended Stairs For Your Brand New Home:

If it’s your first time building a two-storey home you would probably have a lot of questions on how to go and decide on certain things. One of the main dilemma that a lot new homeowners go through is what kind of stairs should you build for your house. Will you be having a basement and an attic? Do you have kids or elders living with you? If yes, then those scenarios should also be taken into consideration as well. Therefore in this article we will be giving you an idea regarding different kinds stairs that you can choose from. And you can always talk to reputable staircase builders for their additional inputs regarding this subject. 

1.)The straight staircase- this the most popular type of design that are seen in majority of residence and commercial buildings. It’s more practical and easy to construct unless the desired height would be quite high that would require a center landing that would divide the stairs into 2 parts. The center landing also serves as a safety feature in case someone accidentally falls down from the top. Handrails are easy to measure and install. If you have small kids and elders at home this is not something that you should consider building.

2.)The spiral staircase- This is very much recommended for those people who have limited space. Its practical and convenient because a pre fabricated structure of steel stairs Warriewood is already available in the market making it easy to buy and install. This kind of stairs is perfect for a bachelor’s pad, basements or attics because it doesn’t take too much space. In terms of safety, it has banisters around it making you feel safe but it’s not really ideal to use as your main staircase at home because it’s difficult to transport big items such as boxes and other stuff because of its spiral steps.3.)U or L shaped stairs- This is also quite popular and seen in many modern houses. What’s nice about this type of design is that its more modern and attractive looking. You can design the L and U stairs in various ways. Even though this design takes a little more ground space as compared to the first two samples above, it’s still considered as something that won’t get outdated even for the longest time. Some homeowners have even taken advantage of the extra space on the first flight by converting it into an additional storage area or closet where they can keep cleaning materials, shoes and other stuff to make the house look tidy.